“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Bruce Lee

Cranfield Golf Academy


” To be the world’s most sought after coaching experience; by achieving rapid and lasting results for every individual; guaranteed by genuine, sincere, highly trained coaches delivering innovative and simple solutions.”

Having worked for Cranfield Golf Academy for over 8 years, where i am now Director of Coaching, it is our ongoing goal and challenge to be the most powerful and effective coaching methodology within the golf industry, as our above mission statement says. No tall order. However we believe this is fast becoming reality. And this is down to a simple, yet very powerful idea, which is to continuously look for the ‘truths’ as they relate to how the laws of force and motion affect a golf swing ( Technical ), how the brain works most efficiently in the performance environment ( Mental ), and how the body funtions most efficiently in relation to making a golf swing ( Physical ). And coaching it in a way that is brain compatible. ( Coaching ). Plain and simple. And as long as it is human beings who play this game, then these laws will not change through history.

Here is what you will NOT get at Cranfield Golf Academy:

  • Be taught the latest ‘ swing fad’ that will disappear as quickly as it arrives. There are literally thousands of different, but efficient swing patterns. That said however nobody is exempt from the laws.
  • Be taught by a one dimensional coach who’s idea of coaching is only to make your swing look better. That is not golf coaching. That is swing coaching. There is a difference.
  • A coach who thinks he knows it all. If you ask a golf coach how much they think they know and they answer over 80%, run away fast.
  • A coach who is not on a journey of learning themselves. As a coach it is important to walk your talk.
  • Someone who is stuck in a rut, demotivated and does not have a passion for what they do.

Here is what you WILL get at Cranfield Golf Academy:

  • A coach who will take an hour to find out your strengths and weakness’s, habits and tendencies, as well as your goals for the future before setting a plan to help you achieve them. If you are not assessing your guessing.
  • One of the most highly trained coaches in the golf industry. Our ongoing training of coaches is more comprehensive and demanding than any other in the golf industry by a long way.
  • A coach who has the ability to think on their feet and solve the most difficult of challenges.
  • Someone who genuinely cares about your game and helping you get better.
  • Someone who walks their talk. Our coaches are committed to getting better at what they do every day.

If you would like to improve your game with Europe’s leading body of golf coaches, then log on to www.cga-golf.com to find the nearest academy to you.

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