“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

Bruce Lee


Steven has travelled to many countries  throughout the world in order to learn from many of the games leading coaches. However not content to simply look within the game for answers as to how to help golfers improve, more recently he has looked to the field of academia and to true research in areas of skill acquisition, learning, junior development and psychology. He has been heavily involved in coach education as Director of Coaching for Cranfield Golf Academies, a Swing Tutor for the PGA as well as running CPD training courses for PGA Professionals in the UK as well as being a speaker at several teaching conferences. Along with the below qualifications and roles within the game, he has attended over 200 days of training in personal and professional development, all with the goal of being able to help his pupils play the game better. He also holds a Masters Degree in Sports Coaching at the University of Birmingham and is currently undertaking a Professional Doctorate at the University of Lancashire looking at the influence of attentional focus on skill development.

My Roles in Golf:

  • Director of Coaching – Cranfield Golf Academies
  • England Regional Coach (South East)
  • Golf Development Consultant for the R and A’.
  • Sussex County Coach
  • PGA Swing/CoachingTutor
  • Member of Golf World magazine’s Instruction Staff
  • Oscar Jacobson Ambassador

My Qualifications:

  • Advanced Fellow of the PGA
  • MSc in Sports Coaching
  • Trackman Master
  • Instinctive Golf Coach
  • Vector Putting Coach
  • MTQ-48 Licensed User

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